Dear Friend, hold on for a minute! Please look around – what do you see? Have you been happy in recent years and how much happiness has you given to others? How often have you told to someone, “I love you”, “Thank you that I have you”, “Without you, this world would be gray”? And how often have you heard these words addressed to you? Keep your eyes on, don't break with your hand, and don't say later. Don’t look aside, don’t give up and do not say – Later. Did you know - it may not happen later or it may be too late…. 
 It's time... it's time to share love and uncover your soul. Let the words flow on paper, so that words travel and opens the door to deeper and more genuine relationships. Relationships – with no later and without someday. The time has come for NOW!

Who are we?

Once upon a time an idea met with the architect, and by unexpectedly winning the contest they both joined together under the name “Typical Latvian”.We're sending the emotions... Sometimes there are things which we are not able to say out loud, then we use help of pen and paper. The company's spirits love real things and emotions, it is reason why postcards are created with the story and we create paper/design handcrafts that makes the writing experience more exciting. In this daily rush,  we have chosen a person as a priority. Therefore, our aim is to:

To be socially active and to promote an emotional relationship between people!

There is not just me or you – it is us!

Did you know that when you shop from us (in our e-store or other sites, where you can find our products), you're not paying with money, but with an opportunity? It is you who, through us, gives people with the disabilities opportunities, not just exist, but do, not just wait, but inspire! Part of the revenues is directed to a specially designed learning program, which aims to integrate people into the labor market. As well as your purchase, give us the opportunity to fulfill art works, created by these people.

Spirits of the or Team

The Company's founder and CEO Elīna, is the heart of the Company. She is bringing together, around herself, socially active people who see further, hears truly and feel deeper. One of the Company's resources is volunteers. Volunteering spirits are engaged in the process starting from the supply of goods till the attraction of new partners. Only in cooperation things can grow important, there is everyone who invests his/her time and heart in Typical Latvian.